Don't Leave Politics To The Professionals

For a short while, in high school, I considered studying political science in college, to become a politician. That inkling left me quickly, but the idea that one must be a “professional politician” to dive into, understand, or in any way get involved in politics stayed with me until 11/8/16. I really believed it was more than enough for me to read up on current events, talk with my friends about what we knew, and vote. Just as I was a professional in my area of expertise, so were politicians, and they would know best how to govern and and make the best decisions for us all.


And so, I’ll never again leave politics to the professionals. In fact, if someone sees themselves as a professional politician, they’ve probably been so far removed from the everyday lives of the people they supposedly represent that they shouldn’t be making decisions for us anymore. I’m certainly not calling myself a politician, nor do I have aspirations to run for office. But, as in the past year, I will remain civically engaged and active in my community and in the world, standing up for what’s right. Always.