"Listen" was my theme for 2016. A decent challenge for someone who’s used to talking a lot. And I’ve had a few recent opportunities to listen. Last night I spent 50 minutes in a car, with a driver who could recite every script he’d heard on an astounding number of fake news items -- but could not give me one solid source for anything he said. “Just Google it!” he said on repeat.

This morning, I rode with a different driver who called himself a “progressive libertarian” (and he seemed to be exactly that). When we talked about sources for unbiased news, he said he reads everything, even the stuff that he mocks and has no factual basis, just so that he has the most complete view of the news.

How much time does that take, anyway? That’s a lot of work. Ideally I’d find two or three sources that I could trust to do that work of scouring, reading, and curating, and reporting back what I need to know.

Another friend sent me the graphic below in response to yesterday’s post. Don’t know who created it, but I find myself questioning the bias of this person, too. Haha. EXCUSE ME WHILE I MAKE A POINTY TIN FOIL HAT